There is no size 7: What to ask yourself when you’re at a relationship crossroad.

I once made a decision to turn away from someone that has the potential to make me happy but at the same time make the relationship miserable. It's like I'm finally buying a pair of shoes I'm dying to have... Continue Reading →

I’m inlove with this rustic country/barn style wedding!

Mitchell | Lala  Will you not simply fall in love with this rustic country style themed wedding?                How about saying your vows on a sunset? God must be really watching all of it. What a beautiful... Continue Reading →

New Traveler’s Diary.

I am new to this world of traveling. My experiences might not be sufficient to educate others. Sometimes, I feel intimidated whenever I see another traveler who probably saw half of the globe than I ever did in my life.... Continue Reading →

Things you probably didn’t know about Sri Lanka.

People are starting to ask me “Why Sri Lanka?” I answered the same “Well, it’s for me to find out” or 'I'll tell you when I get there'. Their expressions are similar, can't be hidden. I can almost read their... Continue Reading →

The day I asked ‘Where are you?’ 

Blankly staring at my reflection and obviously overpowered of what ifs, I finally uttered the question 'Where are you now?', Aren't you gonna save me?'  Wait a minute, Jai! What did you just ask?  I shook my head with my... Continue Reading →

The Wolves Within: What to do when someone breaks your trust.

Pray. Forgive. Love anyway. I know that you wish me telling. Confront. Defend yourself. Get even.  But my mom will always remind me that when it comes to dealing with things, always be the better person. Our response to almost... Continue Reading →

Let’s make coffee, not war: What I say about today’s Rainbow

I love rainbows. First of all, when I was a kid, I actually believed that one day, I'm gonna be sliding up and down on that coloured arch-shaped looking staircase with the fluffy clouds around me. Second, rainbow is a... Continue Reading →

A letter to my dad.

'Jayne, daddy will go'. dad said as he knelt down and grabbed my tiny hands. His palms were big enough to warm me.'To where?' I asked.  But he didnt answer and left. Dear daddy, The last day you held my... Continue Reading →

Caught by Surprise: Why it’s wiser NOT TO specifically pray for someone.

Trust me. It's wiser NOT TO. But before you disagree, hear me out first. I know a lot of women fall into a trap of their need to know if the person they like is the one or not. Oftentimes,... Continue Reading →

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